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2020 Gift Guide: FOR LITTLE KIDS

One of the funnest age groups to shop for, and quite possibly the easiest! Which can also make it harder because they're SO MUCH to sift through. These are some tried and true gifts that my kids have loved throughout the years!


FurReal Walkalots Big Wags: A walking, talking, interactive toy that is the most adorable thing. It's soft and cute and walks on my hardwood and carpet. YOU GUYS! My little 3.5 year old can't quit it. It's his go-to toy. He currently has the lizard, and we're adding this little llama friend to the family for Christmas.

Razor Electric Moped: We got our kids this electric moped and electric dirt bike for Christmas last year, and it was seriously the greatest idea ever! My son was almost 5 and my daughter was 7. They ride them any chance they can get. We've taught our kids to take good care of them, but even with the daily rides and occasional drops, they are still as good as new. This is that perfect "Big Gift" idea.

Melissa & Doug Let's Explore Hiking Play Set: For all the little explorers out there, this backpack set has it all. Everything Melissa & Doug is quality, and this one is no exception.

EzyRoller Classic Ride-On: 3,300 Reviews + a solid 5 stars. This is better than any scooter and all 3 of my kids are obsessed. And it's under $100!! Comes in 6 colors. One for each kid. :)

Pillowfort Rainbow Bean Bag Chair: This is cozy and super cute. And much cheaper than the other options out there that are $150+. Pillowfort has a lot of other cute options.

Leap Frog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart: A great toy for imaginative play. All my kids enjoy playing this together. It also teaches the younger ones numbers, colors, patterns, etc.

My Weather Station Toy Set: First, could anything be designed more adorable than this? I love a beautiful wooden toy, that is also fun to play with! It's a cute way to build little ones' awareness of the weather around them!

Comfy Furry Slippers: 9 cute, furry options for all genders. A great addition to Christmas jammies. And under $20!

Razor Electric Dirt Bike: As mentioned above, this will please any child! It goes surprisingly fast—14mph— so even older kids will enjoy it! Coming from NYC with limited space, I get so much joy watching my kids zip around on these enjoying a bit of freedom in the suburbs.

Kinetic Sand Construction Folding Sandbox: Kinetic sand has been a life savior during quarantine, for all my kids. We're stepping it up this Christmas with this Construction set. A little more to play with, and it's all contained in the folding box!

Petite Moss '12 Days of Christmas' Jammies: One of my favorite children's clothing shops just BROUGHT IT this Christmas with the most adorable '12 Days of Christmas' Jammies. The illustrations are whimsical and unique. Petite Moss also offers a matching book to go along! How cute!!! Offers 3 months - 7 years.

Franklin Sports Arcade Whirlball: Right now, we're looking for anything to keep our kids entertained at home that isn't a screen. This skeeball set is fun! It's a part of Target's Black Friday deals, so run while it's discounted!

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket: This is one of my go-to gifts for little ones. It's cute & interactive. It also helps to reinforce shapes and colors. Every little child just loves this!

Maps Hardback Picture Book: The illustrations in this book are gorgeous and engaging. A great way to peak kids' interest in the world. Honestly, everything that Big Picture Press publishes is a visual feast!

Baby Sitters Little Sister Books: These graphic novels (think: comic book form) are great for young readers. And IMO, better than a Dogman or Fly Guy novel. Even though my 8 year old is now reading the original Babysitter's Club series, she still enjoys reading these ones for fun.

Other Items I love (And simply couldn't squeeze on the page!)

Satin Pajamas: This set is so cute and comfy. A great way to help the little girl in your life feel special. Best part: it comes in 16 colors and washes with your regular clothes!

Easy Bake Oven + Baking Mixes: This was every childs' dream gift when I was young, and not much has changed! This is one that my kids will be receiving this Christas. And my little Quinn is actually most excited about it!

Instax Mini Gift Set: This polaroid set comes in 4 different colors, and comes with the camera, case, film, photo album, and photo holders. Your little one is all ready to go!

Family Charades Games: My kids LOVE playing the game Cranium, but it's a little too mature and dated for them, and honestly they just love the acting-out parts. So we got this game, and it fills all the holes. It's perfect and easy for them to play. Great for family game night (which if it was up to them, it'd be nightly!)

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Happy shopping & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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