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Shopping for college-aged kids is one of my favorite age groups! They're more mature kids who can appreciate the finer things in life, but still want something new and cool. Like, YUP, I got you covered!


Anthropologie Matte Latte Bowl Set of 4: I have had these bowls on rotation for the last decade. So many cute colors and a beautiful way to fill their apartment kitchen cabinets.

Elago Phone Wallet: When they're dealing with multiple folders, a backpack, and a coffee, the last thing a college student needs to worry about is "WHERE IS MY WALLET?" We might as well attach it to the one item they ALWAYS have on themselves...they're phone! Love this brand and the inventive products they release.

Free People Sweater Set: This loungewear set is KILLING ME!! It is legit the cutest thing I've seen. And the full set is UNDER $100!

PMD Classic: The only time I've ever like REALLLLY broken out on my face is my freshman year of college... I blame it on the late-night vending machine runs! This PMD is the holy grail of cleaning blackheads and congestion out of your face.

Glossier The Makeup Set: My three favorite products in my hands-down favorite make-up brand. Each one is so good on they're own... and now they come bundled!!

Bose Soundlink Speaker: Small enough to fit in a bag, durable enough to take in the shower or out to the pool, and Bose' quality can't be beat!

Goodthreads Fleece Shacket: We are seeing "shackets" all over the place this season! And they are such a great, practical piece for cold-weather layering. It can be tricky buying clothes for guys, but this is sure to be a winner!

Apple Watch 6: Not much needs to be said here. It's an Apple Watch... Every college-aged kid wants one. And honestly they are so practical and useful when you're on the run.

Pinch Minimergency Kit: This is a purse & backpack staple! I remember my mom putting this in my stocking one year during college, and I have had one on-hand ever since. Any minor emergency is covered in this little pack...sewing kit, tampon, bandaid, lip balm, deodorant... and more!

Blue Light Filtering Glasses: So. Many. Computer. Screens. Save your college-students' eyes with these glasses. And they're $17 from Amazon! Score.

Amazon Gift Card: Honestly, this is always a winner! Period.

Rumple's NanLoft Puffy Travel Blanket: For your adventurous kid, this is a great addition to their gifts. This puffy blanket is warm, water resistant, and packs up TINY!

Slip Silk Sleeping Mask: It's been a year for everyone this year, and college-aged students are no exception. Help them feel a little pampered this year with a pure silk mask. This brand is the best! They also have a silk pillowcase HERE that I can't sleep without.

Melissa Lovey XS Baby Serena Hoops: This everyday statement hoop is a cult favorite! They are 18K Gold Plated with Swarovski Crystals, and handmade in NYC. Such a special and beautiful piece that any girl will crush over!

Who in the Room Card Game: This game is a BLAST!!! And super easy to play. Just a overall great game to start conversation and get to know people.

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Happy shopping & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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