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2020 Gift Guide: FOR TEEN/TWEEN

Little kids are easy to shop for! You could give them a Disney-themed PEZ dispenser and they'd be set for the holidays. But as these little kids grow up... well, they get harder. And their tastes get more specific and more expensive. This GIFT GUIDE FOR TEEN & TWEENS has been checked twice and approved by the teens in my life. And for you parents (or aunts or grandparents), I have approved the budget! :)


Old Skool Vans: A classic shoe for any age, but one that will certainly please a teen!

Anthropologie Monogram Pendant Necklace: These are even more stunning in person. Such a special and personalized gift.

Floral iPhone Cases: When polling my teenage nieces, they both said that a new phone case is something that's on their list. I love the many options of floral prints this brand offers. And thank you, Amazon shipping!

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker: Portable & waterproof, this speaker is a great, quality pick for any teen! It can go with them in the shower, by the pool, and it's even small enough to throw in a bag and go out with friends. The SoundLink speakers can even pair together for party mode!

Dr. Martens Lace-Up Combat Boots: A genuine leather boot for a great price that will please any fashion-loving teen. I also love THIS canvas option for a guy. The buckle detail is extra special.

Mulberry Silk Sleeping Eye Mask: It's been a long year for parents, but also teens! Help them feel a little pampered with this 100% mulberry silk sleeping eye mask! And it's only going to cost you $10!

NYX Butter Gloss: My go-to lipgloss is like, the best kept secret. (Just kidding. I will scream on the rooftops just how good this is!!) And it's $5! My personal favorite colors are Creme Brûlée & Vanilla Cream Pie. Great for a stocking stuffer or addition to a gift.

Canon Ivy Mini Mobile Photo Printer Bundle: These. Are. So. Cool!!! And easy to use and carry around! Great for any teen or tween!

Mini Skateboard: We started with one of these, and love it so much (read: fought so much over it), that we've had to buy more! Such a great gift that any kid will love!

Pura Vida Wave Ring: Another gift that my teen nieces said they LOVE! This wave ring is beautiful and cheap enough to stack. I specially love THIS one and THIS one.

Flexible Phone Tripod: I found this for teens (because who doesn't love a posed group photo more than a teen!?) and then promptly added it to my cart as well. It's so cool, and I love how many different ways it can be used.

Kitsch Velvet Scrunchie Pack: Such a cute Scrunchie pack from Kitsch. I first found this brand because of their cute face masks, and they put out great products.

Amazon 2-Piece Knit Sweater Set: One of the few good things to come out of 2020 is the wide acceptance of leisurewear and matching sets. And this $25 Amazon knit sweater set is winning!!! So many cute colors!!

GoSports Slam X Volleyball Set: YOU GUYS! This is the new Spikeball. It is SUCH a fun group game! Think—volleyball meets four square. And it's not just a hit among teens, but for families or any group! It's one of my top family gifts that I'm giving this year!

Apple Airpod Case: For your Airpod-toting teens, I love the color options of these cases! They're sure to please any boy or girl.

And if you still don't know what to get your teen or tween... let them choose with an Amazon Gift Card!

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If you missed my other Gift Guides, check out my GIFT GUIDE FOR HER & GIFT GUIDE FOR HIM. Happy Holidays!!

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