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Why Am I A YouTube Vlogger?! GREAT Q

From a career in advertising to a fashion vlogger... like, huh? What happened in between. In a nutshell— I knew I had a greater purpose.

Within this video, get to know a little about me and what got me to this point. Ultimately, my goal is to reach more individuals on a personal basis. As a certified Image Consultant, I want to teach you key tools on how to dress your specific body & coloring so you can feel more confident!

You are important. What you have to say is important. Unfortunately your appearance speaks louder than your words. That's where I come in—to help align those two.

I want to empower you through you dress; helping you become who you want to be and express it properly on the outside while remaining true to who you are on the inside. I am here to help you feel confident in who you are.

Now let's do this together!

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