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White Tee Round-up—Who Makes the Best?

White t-shirts are a staple piece in everybody's wardrobe. We all need that trusty piece that can be dressed up or worn casually, *especially* worn casually. Now, I've been on the hunt for the "PERFECT" white t-shirt for longer than is humanly normal. Even existing in the fashion world for 10 years, I have never quite found it. I've found some good ones, sure, but never THE one. Either the fit was a little off, or it was too see through, or too expensive. How could it be so hard to check all three boxes?! It's a white tee for crying out loud.

As any normal woman would do, I took it upon my self to seek out the best white tee shirt. The one that you just can't take off. The one where you need three back-ups in case #1, #2, or #3 are in the laundry. I bought 25 different brands of white tees, in different styles and at a range of price points, in search of The One *insert choir singing*. I then ranked each tee on a 1 to 10 scale in two different categories: FIT and OPACITY (or how sheer it was). I turned cross-eyed for a hot second in my sea of white tees, but guess what... I found it! And not just "it", but "them!" I found my three top favorite white tees, each fulfilling a different purpose. Want to hear the best part? They're all UNDER $20.


GAP!? I know. I know. I'm just as shocked as you. I tried a number of fitted crews, and this one crushed the competition. First, it is as soft as butter. When it comes to fit, it ranked a 9/10. It was docked 1 point because it could be a wee bit shorter in length. Other than that, it's lovely. There is no pulling across the chest. The sleeve length is flattering for any arms, and still appropriate for summer months. The neckline is substantial. And there is no bunching across the midsection; it lays perfectly smooth and flat. For opacity, it ranked a 10/10. PERFECTION! This shirt is a must-have. And with a price tag of only $19, anyone can afford it. (And that's when it's not on sale. Hint: it's always on sale.) Be sure to size down for the fitted look. I normally wear a Medium, but I got this tee in a Small.


This is the twin sister to our Gap Fitted Crewneck except it is the V-neck version! Everything is the same in terms of fit and opacity. The shape of the "V" is flattering: not too deep, not too wide, not too narrow. It's our "Goldilocks V-neck", if you will. V-necks are a great option if you have a larger chest, as it will draw the eyes in and upward towards your face. Once again, size down.


This. Tee. Is. The. Best! I ordered it on a whim, probably to reach a free-shipping minimum. And I couldn't be more happy. This tee is true to its name: boxy with a little crop. It is as soft as can be, and it actually gets softer with each wash. First, I love the length. It is not a 90's-inspired teen crop. Because that's not a good look on someone who's had 3 kids. It's the perfect length to do a French tuck without there being loads of fabric bunching in the back. It's lightweight, but not see through. The sleeve length is perfect. Roll them up or leave them down—you can't go wrong. I have found this tee to be so versatile. Whether it's paired casually with blue jeans and some Chuck's or tucked into dressier trousers and layered with a blazer. This is a must have. And it's $18! RUN!

Well there we have it. My 3 new staples in my wardrobe! Like I said, I tried a myriad of different tees within a wide range of price points. And we scored, especially considering it wasn't the $120 Theory tee. Go get yourself 1, 2, or all 3. If anything, grab the Everlane tee ASAP. It sells out quickly!

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