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The 5 Basic Body Shapes & How to Define YOUR Body Shape

I am so excited because this is the start of my Body Shape Series videos! In this first video, I will teach you how to measure your body to figure out what your body shape is. This is so important to learn because once you know what your body shape is, you'll know how to dress it better. You'll know all the tips and solutions to flatter your features! My videos to follow will go more in-depth into dressing each of the 5 body shapes— Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Oval, Rectangle, and Hourglass.


Body shapes (also known as Body Types or Body Silhouettes) are almost solely determined by your bone structure— not your weight. It is truly just what your mama gave you! So it doesn't matter how much you gain or lose, your body shape remains the same. So learn to love it and learn how to dress is properly because it's not changing.

In my video, I share two different techniques to determine your body shape. For both, be sure you've changed into something form-fitting and minimal to cut down on bulk. And grab a tape measure!

1. Technique #1: (1:00)— This measuring technique is best used to confirm what your body shape is if you already have a good idea. You just need some paper and a pencil!

2. Technique #2: (2:50)—This next technique will give exact measurements. It is especially helpful if you're still unclear after the first technique. All you need is a tape measure!


Now that we have our measurements, let's quickly go over the 5 basic body shapes. Keep in mind that every body is different and unique. You may be a combination of body shapes! These are just basic.

1. TRIANGLE (aka "Pear Shaped)— Your are a Triangle Body Shape if your hip and thigh measurements are wider than your shoulder and bust measurements usually by around 5%. I was never great at math so let's simplify. Basically, if your hip measurement is larger than your shoulder measurement but 2+ inches, or if your hips are wider than your bust measurement by 4+ inches, then you are a Triangle Body Shape. Triangle Body Shapes also have a defined waist that is narrow compared to your hips. Triangle Body Shapes are the most common body shape among women.

2. INVERTED TRIANGLE— An Inverted Triangle Body Shape is the most athletic-looking body shape. It is defined by broader shoulders, chest and back with a narrower lower body. To add some measurements to this, if your shoulder measurement is larger than your hip measurement by 2+ inches or your bust measurement is 4+ inches wider than your hips, then you are an Inverted Triangle Body Shape.

3. OVAL— You are an Oval Body Shape if your measurements are all about the same. That said, you typically gain weight in your midsection which means you have an undefined waistline. You also have a larger chest. On average, your waist measurement is 2+ inches wider than your shoulder or hip measurements. You narrow down in the hips which means you typically have great legs to show off! Lucky you!

4. RECTANGLE— The Rectangle Body Shape is our most boxy body silhouette. Your measurements are all about the same. You also don't have a defined waist, so that is what we strive to accentuate in styling.

5. HOURGLASS— The Hourglass Body Shape is the opposite of a rectangle because you DO have a very defined waist. Your shoulder and hips have similar measurements and are clearly the widest part of your body. You waist nips in 8+ inches from your shoulder-bust-hip measurement. This is often the most coveted body type and is the one most try to emulate because it is so visually balanced.

Please note: You can be Plus, Petite, & Tall and still fit into these 5 Body Shapes. Ex: Petite Oval, Tall Inverted Triangle, Plus-size Hourglass, etc.

Now that you know what your body shape is, tune into my upcoming videos for ways on how to fit and flatter your body shape!!

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