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Top 8 WEARABLE Fashion Trends of 2020

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

We've entered a new decade, but for 2020, majority of my top 8 wearable trends will be favorites from the past. Your closet will travel back in time as we visit cardigans from the 00s, combat boots from the 90s, oversized blazers from the 80s, and retro prints that are reminiscent of your grandma's wallpaper from the 60s and 70s. Let's go!!


The oversized, androgynous trend started a few years back with boyfriend jeans, and have moved on to menswear-inspired blazers. While they are to still be fitted in the shoulders, they will hang looser and longer than your traditional fitted blazer.


A versatile, comfortable boot that is to be loved for years! I love how you can wear them 100% hard, or you can contrast the edge by wearing a more romantic, whimsy outfit on top. The juxtaposition is beautiful and a little unexpected.


Key word here is: elevated. This is not your typical black Lululemon leggings and a hoodie thrown over it. With this new trend, we are seeing a lot of knit. It is a comfortable look that still comes off looking quite polished. To pull this look off with ease, look for sets in monochromatic colors. To individualize this look add some cool shoes and accessories.


Heeled loafers are back, and I couldn't be more excited. They're a classic-looking piece that brings style and COMFORT (win-win!) to your wardrobe.


The dramatic puffy sleeves is a fashion trend you won't be able to escape. It adds dimension and interest to any outfit. This trend looks great if your are more wide in the hips, as it will emphasize your shoulder and help bring balance to your silhouette. To avoid looking costume-y, try a smaller sleeve and stick with subtle colors. A slim pant will balance out this retro trend.


The classic is back and with more personality. So that you don't look like you just dusted off your old J.Crew cardigans, here a few modern ways to wear the trend— button up the entire cardigan and wear it as a top, tie a cardigan over your shoulders as an accessory, or turn that baby around and wear it backwards. If you opt for the latter, make sure the cardigan is more loose and slouchy so it doesn't "appear" you're wearing it, well, backwards!


These longer shorts have been seen up and down the runways. And they are appropriate for lots of seasons and occasions— in the spring, pair Bermuda shorts with sandals and a light sweater. Or bring them into the office with a buttoned-down and heels. KEEP IN MIND: add a heel to visually elongate your legs. If you do have shorter legs, this might not be the most flattering trend to follow.


We crushed hards for the 90's back in 2019 with mom jeans and crop tops, and this year, we are taking it back even further—with psychedelic colors and oversized florals. The 60s and 70s are back!! Designers are serving up vintage vibes reminiscent of your grandma's wallpaper.

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