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6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Fitting Denim

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Shopping for jeans can be dreadful, even if you have the skinniest of legs and smallest of waist. But, with a few tips, you’ll know what to look for—and what to avoid—and come out with your perfect pair (or two)!

Know your body type: Every person has a body type, and it’s important to know what type of denim will best highlight (or camouflage) yours. If you’d like to highlight your curves, high-waisted flares will do just that. Hour-glass silhouettes should pick high-rise flares as they’ll emphasize your beautiful curves without gaping at your smaller waist. Pear-shapes look great in boot-cut or wide-leg denim to balance out bigger hips. And if you’re self conscious of your twiggy legs, opt for straight-leg jeans to visually add more meat to those bones!

Buy them too tight: If you have to jump and wiggle to get into your jeans in the dressing room, then you’ve got yourself the right size. All denim stretch over time, especially if they have any sort of elastane or spandex in them, so wiggle on into those jeans to avoid the saggy knees and droopy bottom.

Don’t go too low: Back when you were in high school, it was the trend to see how low you could go with the rise of your jeans. Your mother would fret then, and if you’re still wearing them that low, we’re fretting now! If the waistband is over three inches below your belly button then missing even one day on the treadmill could reveal that wretched muffin top. 

Do the “sit test”: Every time I fit a client for denim I have them sit down and check the rise in the front and the back. Just remember: no crack in the back and no flab in the front. 

Color is A-ok: Jeans these days are anything but blue. Color and texture are all the rage. That said, if your bottoms are busy and you're not sure what to pair on top, go neutral.

Double up: Once you find a fabulous pair of jeans, buy two. You'll thank me. That way you can tailor one to wear with flats and keep the other ones long enough to wear with heels. 

Please indulge in some of my favorite jeans for all body types:

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