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Stuck-at-Home Style Hacks: Surviving COVID-19

Even though we are stuck within the walls of our homes, we still want to feel like ourselves and feel a bit of normalcy. Ultimately, don't we all want to look good and feel put together? This is not only applicable to those quarantined at home during COVID-19, but especially tostay-at-home moms & those who spend more time at home versus in the office.

I'm going to share a couple things that make me happier being around the house—a couple ways to look better and feel better.


Since my bed is in the middle of my bedroom, having the sheets made is essential in my daily happiness! It just is! Even if everything around my house is a disaster, having my bed made creates a haven for me to run to when I need to escape homeschool and my children! I don't even fold the sheets nicely underneath! Just arranging the pillows nicely is enough to help me feel better.


In order to avoid the COVID-19 (lbs of weight gain, that is), we need to be moving. Even just a little. I have a good friend who is so fit, but I know her life is insane. When I've asked her how she keeps up with her fitness, she gave me this advice that I've remembered for years: No matter how busy or tired she is, she always does 30 sit-ups, 30 push-ups and 30 squats each day. What is that, like 6 minutes? That is enough to keep our heart rate up and our body moving. I challenge you to do just that.


This is something that I've been working on since the new year, and it's amazing how much more happy I feel during the day when I've gotten ready. And I'm not talking about glam-squad ready, but rather slick-back-my-hair-into-a-bun-and-throw-on-mascara ready. It doesn't require more than 5 minutes, but changes my mood enormously. Check out my video for my typical chill-day makeup routine. Now is also a great time to give your hair a rest. Chill on the heat and replace it with a mask. I love applying a deep-conditioning hair mask at night, sleeping in it, and then rinsing it out after my morning workout. Please also note that I am a BIG proponent of comfy clothes. Joggers? YUP! Black leggings? DOUBLE YUP. Check out my video for a few of my favorite at-home outfits.

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