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Shoe Trends & How to Wear

If you’ve been watching my channel for a while you know that I love breaking down seasonal trends, and today I’m getting specific with footwear! There’s a LOT of footwear trends I’ve seen this season, but I’m specifically talking about fashionable footwear that is going to be comfortable and wearable!

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I'm not suggesting you buy all these. Just letting you know! There are trends that you’ll gravitate towards and love, and there are others that you’ll HATE! But it’s fun to know what the trends are, be able to spot them in stores, and pick up the ones you like.

1. Espadrilles: These are shoes or sandals with a woven heel. They can be dressed up or worn more casually. Big advantage: really comfortable while providing some height. These days we’re prioritizing comfort over style! And these are the best of both worlds.

2. Puffy slides: The next trend is ALL OVER THE PLACE. And that is slides with puffy straps! Straps could be thick, thin, braided… but the one commonality… they are comfortable!! Proenza Schouler has a very popular option. It’s $600. Marc Fisher has a dupe. That’s gorgeous, I have it in blue, and it’s under $100. You can find options at Old Navy and Target for under $25. Caslon at Nordstrom also has a gorgeous, comfy option that comes in a nyumer of colors as well.

Proenza Schouler

3. Sporty Sandals: These sandals are great for adventuring + trekking outdoors with a modern makeover. A fashion edge, if you will. In short, they were inspired by Tevas. But now, there are all sorts of prints and patterns— animal print, color, bandana, bows. Injecting color and fun! We all need that right now! They’re casual and meant to be styled casually. Try pairing them with shorts or casual denim jeans and a tee.


4. Flatform: From sky high to short stacked, flatforms are taking over! This style of shoe has been around for a while and is just getting a little makeover. A little modern facelift. They’ll add some height and sophistication without feeling like a heel! Really great for anyone, but especially my shorter friends! These would look really cute paired with a skirt and blouse for a warm night out. Also cute with wide leg trousers! One thing to note about wearing flatforms is that visually they’re a heavier shoe. If you’re an inverted triangle, this is great for you because it’s going to balance out your silhouette and help to ground your lower half! And really, any chunky shoe is going to have this effect.

5. Woven & Braided Shoes: These are very pretty and sophisticated. They have been seen in a number of colors, materials and styles. They add great texture to some classic styles. I think it’s so important to add texture in your outfits for visual interest. It’ll add this creative layer and depth to your look. I love these Sam Edelman slides. Easy to wear with a slight flatform as well. I also love this fisherman-style mule from Jeffrey Campbell. The leather is soft and supple. They’ll look great with wide-leg cropped pants and a pretty blouse. You could even dress them up for work with navy dress trousers.

6. Chunky Loafers: We’re taking that chunky lug boot from the fall and making it a little more weather appropriate. Prada has a great option. They're easy to style with wide-leg pants, dresses, boyfriend jeans and a blazer. You can wear it to work with trousers or keep them super casual with jeans. You can even add interesting socks for an added detail. They’re a very fashion-forward look that I’m definitely getting behind this season!

7. The last trend actually combines two trends.

Flip-flop sandals + kitten heels = Kitten-heeled thongs

After going a year in basically slippers, I see the need to easeeee back into a heel, and a kitten heel is great way to do that. TBH kitten heels can look a little geriatric if not done right. I would wear these very intentionally, in a more strappy, slinky look. I wouldn’t just throw them on casually. But they’re hot and comfortable! I especially love these lavender zara ones. They’re strappy in a very current, trendy color.

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