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How to Tuck, Tie, & Roll Your Clothes Like a Stylist

How many of you have scrolled through Instagram or Pinterest and have seen these people who look effortless in the way they roll their sleeves or tuck their oversized & baggy sweater into a tight skirt? Maybe you have tried it at home but can't seem to achieve the same look. It doesn't look the same as Instagram, why not? Well, I will teach you 10 WAYS TO TUCK, TIE, AND ROLL YOUR CLOTHES LIKE A STYLIST so you too can look as effortless as your favorite Instagrammers.

Here are the tucks, ties, and rolls that you will learn in my YouTube video:

1. FRONT TUCK (aka French Tuck or Mullet Tuck)

Our beloved, Tan France from Queer Eye, popularized this tuck. It is a casual way to define your waist without making it a focal point. It works great for extra-long blouses or button-ups on a smaller frame. It is also a leg-lengthening trick that fashion lovers have been using for years. It will transform any knit, sweater, or oversized tee from bulky to polished. A couple ways to achieve a killer Front Tuck is by using the Hair-tie Method or Faux-hem Method. Check them both out on my video.


A Full Tuck is where you tuck your shirt or blouse all the way in to your pants, tucking 360 degrees. A Full Tuck will achieve a more professional, polished, and streamlined look. As a tip: after tucking, raise your arms high above your head to allow your shirt to naturally untuck just a little. This tuck is best for pencil skirts, high-waisted trousers or denim, and a tailored shirt. My video will also teach you how to create a Full Tuck with bulky sweaters and a skirt.

Another tip: I prefer to tuck my shirt directly into my tights or underwear. Not only will this keep my shirt in place, but it will also help cut down on visible lines when I am wearing tighter or thinner fabrics.


The half tuck is something I'm sure you have seen all over Instagram. And these people look so put together, but casually undone. This is a favorite for button-up shirts since you need to split the shirt in two. Check out my video for guidance on how to achieve this tuck.

Other tucks and rolls that I cover on my video include: How to achieve the casual-looking J.Crew-esque sleeve roll, how to roll and tuck non-skinny jeans into boots, and how to casually roll up boyfriend jeans. Have a look!

Now you can feel more confident when you need to tuck that big ol' baggy sweater into a little skirt!

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