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How To Style a Basic White Tee

Let's learn how to style a basic white tee—a TON of different ways—with items you already have in your closet. Doesn't get much easier than that!

I am wearing my Organic Cotton Boxcut Tee from Everlane. It is my FAVORITE. I will link it HERE. If you missed my "White Tee Roundup" where I share with you my TOP 3 FAVORITE WHITE TEES, all for different occasions and purposes, then check that out first! It is linked HERE.

Here are all the different combinations you can easily make with your white tee!

1. Trousers + White Tee + Suit Jacket or Cardigan Sweater + Belt (:50) — Great option for work or dressier events

2. Monochromatic Option: White Pants + White Tee + White Blazer (1:39) — Effortless & Luxe

3. White Tee Under a Jumpsuit (2:33)— Brings some pizzazz to an otherwise straightforward outfit

4. Floral Skirt + White Tee + Casual Sneakers (2:48) — My favorite easy, romantic, and put-together look. Feel free to add a necklace or earrings, but KEEP IT SIMPLE

5. Relaxed Jeans + White Tee + Leather Jacket + Sneakers/Boots (3:20) — The All-American classic. The reason why blue jeans were invented. THIS. LOOK!

6. Athleisure Pants + White Tee + Bomber Jacket + White High-tops (4:00) — Stay-at-home Style is easy and COMFY!! Practically pajamas but elevated.

Go get yourself a GOOD white tee. It is a staple in everyone's wardrobe. No exception. And get styling!! xx Casey

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