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Hottest Color of 2021

LAVENDER has been all over the runways for the last year, and it's not going away anytime soon. Whether you are a beginner or expert at styling, here are some ways to work this color into your line up.


Lavender accessories — If you’re timid to start wearing color, bringing pops of lavender into your accessories is an easy way to begin. Lavender is a flexible & neutral color to work with so you’ll be able to seamlessly bring it into your outfit through your handbag, shoes or hair accessories. This is also a low-cost, low-commitment option. This lavender bag is off Amazon (find here!) It’s $27.50 and really adds a current punch to my outfit.


Sub in lavender for the color white — If you want to wear lavender but don’t know how to work it into an outfit, considering subbing in lavender anywhere that you would wear white. Maybe you were going to wear a white blouse with navy trousers? It could easily be swapped for lavender. Or if you were going to wear white tennis shoes with a casual outfit? Swap them out for lavender shoes. Here I am wearing green trousers and a white tee, but I’ll sub in a lavender blouse, keeping everything else the same.


Monochromatic — Lighter tints and darker shades of a single color is what make an outfit monochromatic. It really helps to elevate your look and take it next level, without much effort. Here I’m wearing lavender pants with a floral-printed lavender blouse.. When wearing a monochrome outfit, I would NOT recommend also matching your accessories. Keep them neutral or add a complementary color.


Unexpected Complimentary Color Combos — If you feel comfortable wearing colors, then pull out your color wheel for more advanced lavender styling.

Anything across the color wheel from lavender is going to complement it. Its direct complement is yellow. Orange and lime green will also look appealing as its a triadic color scheme. And then any neighboring colors, like mint or blue.

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