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7 Items That Are OUT OF STYLE But Still In Your Closet

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I am a creature of habit. It's comfortable, safe, and easy. But when it comes to our closet... habit is not always a good thing. Especially if you're still sporting these 7 items that are very out of style. I you happen to have a couple still hanging out, pass them off to a new home and find replacements (some of my favorites are listed below!)

1. JEGGINGS (0:31)

Jeggings made a long-standing appearance in wardrobes in the early 2010s. They were tight, thin, and barely there! They are now long gone and have been replaced with a more relaxed-fitting jean. Think: boyfriend jeans, demi-bootcut jeans, and wide-leg trousers. And sure, even a skinny jean! Just make sure they have pockets on your booty, unlike our old friends. See my faves below:


If you have ever been wrongly mistaken as expecting did you *happen* to be wearing an empire-waist top? I'm not saying this happens every time, but I wouldn't put it pass this darn top to betray you like that. #traitor There is a misconception among women that wearing an empire waist top will hide a tummy. Unfortunately, it works the opposite, as it actually attracts eyes to that area. Instead, look for a blouse that nips in at your true waistline. This will accentuate the most narrow part of your waist giving you a flattering silhouette. See below for a few examples:


AKA The pant the someone convinced you that you needed for an interview or a job. They are black, wide, and way too long for you. Tip: Donate them. Next tip: Replace them with a slim or straight-leg ponte pant or wide-leg trouser. See below for a few favorite options:


This also goes for jeans with a thick, white stitching on your booty. These were super hot in the early 2000s and have! Let's replace them with more updated jean options:

5. WORN-OUT SHOES (4:55)

It's hard to say that worn-out shoes are out of style when, they were in fact, never *in* style.

Ladies! Invest in good quality shoes and then... TAKE CARE OF THEM. Find a good cobbler. Replace your heel tips when they wear down. It's a cool 10 bucks to fix. Replace your soles when they start to wear out. And protect your suede and canvas with a good shoe spray! (here's my favorite one!) Here are few shoes I'm loving for the season:

6. LACE CAMIS (6:33)

When these were poppin', they were long and had a thick, lace v-neck. They were used to layer under other long shirts and sweaters. And... I had one in every color, folks. But now, they have been replaced with a sleeker, more elevated version. One that is not so long, and typically made of silk.


Years ago as athliesurewear was gaining popularity, patterned leggings were all the rage. They came in a wide variety of prints, patterns, colors, and textures. I liken them to a psychedelic Skittles commercial. And people wore them to every event and for every occasion. This trend has fortunately been replaced with "elevated athleisurewear", and I couldn't be more thankful! If you still have a pair of kitty-printed leggings hiding out in your closet... please donate them (read: burn them quickly!) And because I will NEVER be too good for athleisurewear, here are a few of my favorite options:

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