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6 Items To Remove From Your Closet...ASAP!

We wear the same 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. This also means that the other 80% of your clothing is simply taking up valuable space in your closet…. Does this sound familiar to anyone!?

If you feel you’re wearing the same things day after day then this is for you. Here are the 6 ITEMS TO REMOVE FROM YOUR CLOSET.


This may sound obvious, but I guarantee we all have some clothes in our closet that don't look like they did the day we bought them. Maybe even our favorite blouse has a *tiny* stain that surely we can cover up with our hair. My advice to you— be hard on yourself and remain practical. If you wouldn't buy it in that condition, why are you still wearing it?


This includes any clothing that is either too big, too small, or pulls in all the wrong spots. If you just had a baby or are one of the MANY where your weight constantly fluctuates, I get you! 100%. What I suggest is to pull out those items that don't CURRENTLY fit. Put them under your bed, tuck them away, just remove them from your closet so it doesn't appear as if you have more wearable clothes in your wardrobe than you actually do. Not only will this make your wardrobe more wearable, but you'll also more easily be able to tell what holes you need to fill.


If you didn't wear a certain article of clothing last year, chances are, you won't wear it this year either. Get it out! Now, if there is a piece that you're holding onto because you spent a lot of money on, intentionally wear it one time. How do you feel in it? Do you want to keep wearing it? GREAT! Incorporate it back into your wardrobe. If you don't love how it fits or makes you feel, then donate it and replace it with something better!


If you have anything that is scratchy, itchy, or too tight, get rid of it. It may be cute, but you're going to be uncomfortable in it all day long. We've all been there— buy a cute sweater, bring it home to find that it's just a *touch* more itchy than we'd hoped for. BUT IT WAS ON SALE! Doesn't matter. If you get hives just thinking about it, let it go. Donate it.

This also applies to shoes. If you have a pair that give you blisters or hurt your feet every time you wear them, it's not worth it. We often hear "beauty is pain". But ladies, that does not apply to this.


Now this is something I'm positive a lot of us are guilty on. #fact It's hard to let things go when we've spent a lot of money on them. If you have something in your closet that fits this bucket and you know in your heart you're not going to wear again, donate it! Maybe a friend could use it. Maybe Goodwill could use it. Either way, let's rip the Band-Aid off together and get rid of it.


Maybe this is that dress from your wedding rehearsel dress 15 years ago! Maybe it's your dad's oversized sweatshirt that reminds you of him. Either way, if you aren't wearing them on the weekly...monthly... or even yearly, pull them out out of your closet and tuck them away. You could possibly do something special with them— have it made into a quilt or a pillowcase. Or even frame it and hang it up. This is a great option for beautiful, sentimental scarves. The underlying theme here is to remove it from your closet where it is taking up valuable space and appearing that you have more wearable items than you actually do.

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