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6 Items I'm Never Buying Again

As fashion evolves, different items fall in and out of style. Super natural. Got it. That said, there are some items that are SO out of style that they need to go. Finally purged from our closets and to never be purchased again... at least until they cycle back around in a different form. These are the 6 Items that are dated, and I am never buying or wearing them again. No need to fret—I'm also sharing more current replacement options!


The FIRST item that I am NOT buying anymore are Peasant tops. You knowww... they're drapey, wide, and often times an empire waist. Many years ago, they had a biiiiiig moment. Big moment. I'm looking at you, Anthro. But the silhouette is dated. They are not flattering, and it's time to purge.


A great, current option that can replace your peasant tops are ones with a more fitted bodice and billowed or puffy sleeves. Don't be afraid to show off your shape. Even if you aren't super comfortable with your mid section, trying to disguise under a wide, loose blouse isn't helping.


Oh, how riding boots had their moment back in the early 2010s. Frye and Steve Madden had a few popular options that were straight shafted and hit right below the knee. They had a good run, but now those styles are dated. I expect riding boots to have a moment again although I'm not suggesting to hold onto your current ones because old trends always reappear in new ways.


There are so many boot options to replace this dated style. Over-the-knee boots are a gorgeous, timeless alternative. If you still want something below then knee, then look for a tall boot that comes in a slouchier style. These are not a classic look; they’re definitely trending right now, but they’re beautiful. And then you can always go with an ankle bootie. Versatile, timeless, and a good bet.


The third item I’m never buying again are Paige hats, also known as "Newsie hats". To be honest, I have one. I never actually liked it, and I've probably worn it twice. And I'm pretty sure my husband dislikes them even more than I do! That said, I still see them in the stores. I still see lots of people wearing them. But Paige hats are not for me. I will never be buying another one again.


Instead go for ANY. OTHER. HAT—minus a bucket hat. :) We have felt fedoras, cashmere beanies, baseball hats. Options are endless, ladies.


In full disclosure, I have a red buffalo check button-up shirt. I dubbed it my "Camping Shirt". My "If-I-Ever-Dress-Up-As-A-Scarecrow Shirt". Ya’ll… I have never worn this shirt. I actually bought it post-partem thinking it would make for a good oversized recovery shirt. The standards were low... and I still didn't wear it. Needless to say, I will not be buying another red buffalo check buttoned up shirt.


Right now "shackets" are a hot item. They act as an in-between a jacket and a shirt, which makes for a great layering piece. I recently saw a red buffalo check shacket from H&M that was actually really cute. So if you MUST have a red buffalo print in your closet… that's a great option.


This fifth item is one that was also very popular in the 2010s. They came in a basic tee or a buttoned up. They got really popular when J.Crew was on the up and up. We all got too many. I still see them sprinkled here and there. And I assure you, I will not be buying any more, as they are very dated.


Don't get me wrong; I’m not a hater of embellishments. I still like them. I just want them to be current. And currently pearls are having big moment. They’re on cardigans and sweaters and shoes. They are a much more current way to add some pizazz to your outfit.


The 6th and final item goes along with the last one a bit and that is chunky costume jewelry. The jewelry wqith all those colorful rhinestones. You know the one…I used to collect these like they were going out of style—from earrings to rings to bracelets. Little did I know...


When it comes to jewelry in 2021, the more simple the better. Trends are leaning towards more delicate pieces stacked and layered together.

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