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5 Ways You're Ruining Your Outfit

We care about how we look! Right? It's why we spend so much money shopping for clothes, so much time in the morning primping and curling, and all those hours of paid babysitters so that we can get our hair done every 6 weeks (ok, 8, who am I kidding...). But it doesn't matter how much money or time you spend, if you are ruining your outfit.

The First Way You Are Ruining Your Outfit: (00:41)

NOT CUTTING OUT THOSE HANGING STRINGS. Do they have a proper name? You tell me. But you can find them dangling at the most awkward times on your sweaters, blouses, dresses, and trousers. Nobody wants to be caught with their strings out, amiright? So just CUT THEM OUT! No-one uses them anyways. Tip: To keep your sweaters from warping and in top condition, do not hang them; fold your sweaters.

The Second Way You Are Ruining Your Outfit: (1:21)

LOOKING LIKE A WRINKLY MESS. There is nothing that will ruin a gorgeous, expensive outfit faster than wrinkles. They're not cute, but they are just SO easy to avoid. A steamer or iron should be a household essential. I am partial to steamers (especially this one) because they are so quick to use! I always have mine plugged in and at the ready. Tip: Your hair straightener can act as a quick and easy iron for collars, sleeves and shirt tails.

The Third Way You Are Ruining Your Outfit: (2:50)

PILLING UP ON YOUR CLOTHING. Pills are those little balls of fabric that eventually form at areas of friction. Typically, the insides of arms and legs. You can completely revive an article of clothing by simply cutting these away with a fabric shaver. The Conair Fabric Shaver is my FAVORITE. You guys, it is a game changer!!! Do I need another exclamation point to make my case?! If you're like me and get this crazy satisfaction from vacuuming a dirty floor (if you know, you know), then you will love this too. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you will also love this.

The Fourth Way You Are Ruining Your Outfit: (4:17)

WEARING FUZZ AND FURBALLS LIKE IT'S GOING OUT OF STYLE. Newsflash: it was never in style. Grab yourself a lint roller and ROLL IT OUT, BABY. Tip: I like to keep a lint roller in my closet and car for easy access. All you need is a quick swipe of your clothes to freshen them up.

The Fifth Way You Are Ruining Your Outfit: (4:59)

LEAVING THE DREADED "X-STITCH" IN YOUR VENTS. Maybe you didn't realize it was even there? Maybe you thought it was part of your dress or blazer? (I could relate...) But regardless, be sure to pay attention when you buy new articles of clothing to ensure yours is cut out.

Take a couple minutes to sift through your closet and ensure you are following these 5 tips. If you do, you will look more polished and feel more comfortable in your clothes.

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The fabric cutter is the answer to my vintage sweater pill problems! Thanks for the tip! xo

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