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5 Hair Tie Hacks | Every Day Fashion Uses

I definitely have a few tricks up my sleeve today. And I’m going to teach you 5 style hacks using a hair tie! Because that little gadget has more potential than just a messy bun!

1. Droopy Sleeves (:23)

The first hair tie hack will work wonders on those droopy sleeves that just won't stay pushed up. This will work on a blazer, sweater, or any long-sleeve shirt!

2. Expand Your Waistline (1:08)

The second hack will help you expand your waistline and help you get more mileage out of your pants if you're in between sizes. This is ideal if you're pregnant, postpartum, or if you've gained 10 pounds and are in between sizes. The super simple hack will help you extend the life of your pants while still feeling comfortable.

3. Sweater Front Tuck (2:08)

Long, baggy sweater are comfortable but not always the most flattering. This third hair tie hack will instantly help you get a more shape of your sweater by creating a clean "faux" front tuck! And everyone is going to wonder how you tucked that big, baggy sweater into your tight skinny jeans or skirt.

4. Make Your Belts More Versatile (3:14)

If you have a longer belt your typically wear around your hips, but you want to transition it to your waist, this hair tie hack will help you do that! And all you need is a little elastic hair tie.

5. Double-duty For Your Bra (4:08)

The last hair tie hack is going to transform your normal, everyday bra into a racerback bra. This is great if you're in a pinch. Maybe you're going on vacation and only want to bring one bra, use this hack and now you can wear a halter top blouse, and you won't see your bra. Or if you forgot your sports bra, this will create a makeshift sports bra.

These hacks are so simple and practical that you might find yourself reaching for your a hair tie everyday!

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