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5 Accessory Rules to BREAK

While there are a few classic fashion rules that are there to help us with successful styling, there are other rules that are so absurd they were meant to be broken. Things that were once looked down upon before are entirely acceptable now. It's all about how to use your accessories to reflect your personal style and pull together a whole look you love!

Here are 5 fashion accessory rules you should definitely break:

1. Always Match Your Shoes, Belt & Handbag

Matching your shoes, belt and handbag was trendy back in the day, but it's time to abandon this rule, as coordinated looks will actually date your outfit. Feel free to mix colors and textures. Too matchy matchy is dull, and this will add more interest to your outfit. The only thing to really consider when pairing accessories is that the bag and shoes share the same vibe: formal, sporty, etc. This will keep the look cohesive but dimensional.

2. Don’t Mix Your Metals

Wearing a gold bangle with a silver ring might have once been considered a fashion faux pas, but mixing your golds and silvers together is now commonplace. If you're wearing a silver-toned watch, stack those gold bangles with it. It's perfectly acceptable. Just make sure the metals aesthetically look like they belong together. Even though we are breaking the rules and mixing metals, you want to be intentional and purposeful. To easily get started, begin with one mixed-metal piece of jewelry that naturally incorporates two or more metals. This could be a yellow gold bracelet with white gold accents in it. This will naturally act as a bridging piece allowing you to easily incorporate more metals for an intentional look.

3. Sneakers Are For The Gym Only

Not anymore. And thank goodness! Sneakers are more current than ever, and they are being worn with everything from jeans to dresses and jumpsuits. Taking all of your fashion staples and pairing them with your basic Converse sneakers is easy while still looking entirely put together. Look for a pair of sneaks that combines functionality, style and comfort. If you're sneakers aren't the most comfy thing you've sunk your feet in to (apart from slippers!), you're missing the whole point! To get yourself started, a white or lighter beige sneaker is going to be very versatile and fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe.

4. More is Best

It's fun to be playful and creative in your outfits, but you don't want to over do it. If you're wearing something with an eye-catching print, ensure everything else is more toned down. You want there to be one focal point and everything else simply complements it. So if you're wearing a bright floral dress offset it with a nude shoe and a matching, solid bag in a complementary color.

5. Black Goes With Everything

A lot of times black is considered a neutral color which it technically is, but that doesn't mean it is the BEST color for every look, especially when choosing shoes. If wearing lighter colors, like pastels which we'll see all spring and summer, black shouldn't be your go-to shoe pick. Instead choose a lighter color, like cream or white. This way, the shoe complements the outfit and doesn't distract from it.

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