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10 Ways to Look More Put Together

Let's learn 10 Ways To Look (& Feel!) More Put Together. These are very simple solutions. So simple that you may not realize that you're even doing them wrong. Which means that they're also very simple to fix! They will help elevate your look and help you look more put together.


The first way too look more put together starts with your nails. It's so easy but makes a big impact on your appearance. First, let's start with your cuticles. Keep them trim and kept. Go ahead and push them back as you're watching RHONY. Next, let's move onto your color. If you can't get to the nail salon, then I suggest using a clear coat of polish. You don't have to worry about maintenance or chipping, and you'll look even more polished than before... no pun intended :)


Uneven and jagged parts are sloppy and not a good look. And so easy to fix!! Simply grab a comb (or your finger!) and give yourself a clean, even part down the middle or side of your hair. Boom! You're looking more put together already.


By defining your brows—whether that is through waxing, tweezing, or threading—you will help define the other features in your face. It will create symmetry and help you look more complete. After I have cleaned up my brows, I love using a combo of Hourglass: Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil (in Warm Brunette) followed by Glossier Boy Brow Gel (in Brown). I use the Hourglass to fill in the holes and the Boy Brow to keep them in place. This is my One-Two-Punch for easy, perfect brows!


If you dye your hair like me, then you know what happens around week 7 or week 8, and it's not cute. Our grays start popping, the color underneath comes through, but I have a solution for you... and it's not a baseball cap! L'Oreal Magic Root Coverup! It's true to it's name— MAGIC— and it's just the greatest! During this pandemic, there is limited salon services. So while some people are stockpiling toilet paper and hand sanitizer, I am stock piling root cover-up! You simply spray it in. You don't rub, and it's not sticky. I use the color in Red, and they have 7 other colors! There is nothing worse than an appointment a few days out when you needed one yesterday. So get it, ladies!


Remove your pony tails from your wrists. They're not bracelets, they're not cute accessories, just take them off. I love to keep one in my purse, a jacket, and my car for easy reaching.

Here are my favorite hair ties! And if you *accidentally* leave them on your wrist, you just might fool someone into believing it's a bracelet.

6. "THE MAGIC 3" (3:42)

This next tip for looking more put together is something that I have dubbed "The Magic 3". In interior design, you will notice that designers like to group decor into groups of three. It is so much more pleasing to the eye and gives a shelf a more complete and finished look. The same is true for fashion. If you are hoping to look more put together, try adding a third layer. This third layer is the magic piece. Even if you are wearing joggers and a basic t-shirt, by adding a third layer, whether that is a cardigan or bomber jacket, your outfit will look more polished and complete.


Dry, cracked lips is never a good look. And it's so easy to remedy. Whether you're using chapstick or lipgloss, bringing some color into your lips will help your face look more refreshed and your whole appearance more polished.

Here are some of my favorite options:


If you are feeling tired or sad or just need a pick-me-up, this next tip will work for you. And it's so easy. It's simply wearing a *POP* of color. When you wear a pop of color that compliments your coloring and complexion, it will also help your features pop—your eyes & your hair color. A pop of color will help you look less tired and ultimately, yes... more put together!


I would easily need both hands (and possibly feet) to tell you how many bottle of dry shampoo I have accumulated in my bathroom. I'm not the kind of gal who enjoys or has time to wash my hair every other day. And I would assume you don't either. Dry shampoo is my lifesaver. I just love it, and I especially love how easy and versatile it is. Not only will it help soak up oil, but it also doubles as a great texturizing spray for fresh, silky hair.

Here are my favorites:

About 10 years ago as I was prepping for my first trip to Paris, I read an article about cult-favorite French pharmacy beauty products. This one topped the lists. It's on the pricier end, but I couldn't be more proud of myself for taking the plunge. Since then, I've always had a bottle on-hand. It's truly my favorite.

This Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo is a close second. One bottle last forever and has such a clean, fresh finish. It's available for light- or dark-toned hair.


The last way to look and feel more put together is by giving yourself a spritz of perfume every morning. Obviously, it doesn't change how you look, but it will brighten your day and help you feel more polished and complete. Sephora and Nordstrom offer so many great perfume options, and at a wide-range prices.

Here are my two favorites! Mainly because the scents are buildable with other scents and not too overwhelming:

There you have it! 10 Ways to Look and Feel More Put Together! Most of these don't require much effort, but you will feel so much more put together when you follow them. xx

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